Cast care clinic services

At Cast Care Clinic, we aim to support the psychological duty of care of your production in accordance with OfCom Broadcast Code regulations.

As registered mental health professionals, we are both experienced in working with varying levels of risk and mental health presentations. We also have decades of experience working in the film & TV industry and are implicitly aware of the unique environment which may cause psychological distress and upset to a contributor. It is this combination of skills which enables us to provide accurate assessment and advice, ensuring the safety of your contributors.

Our registrations provide assurance that we have the necessary training, qualifications and insurance to work with the mental health of members of the public. This ensures that the best possible, and most ethical option for cultivating public safety in the film and tv industry is employed.


Cast Care Clinic can provide anything from consulting advice regarding what kind of mental health professional you will require for each part of your production, right through to offering duty of care psychological services throughout your production. 

This includes risk assessment of your production, psychological assessments of contributors and therapeutic support throughout where deemed necessary.  


Recommendations of psychological support are always made in the best interests of the contributor. It is not ethical to recommend that a contributor undergoes psychological support if this is unnecessary. Psychologists adhere to a strict code of conduct when working with clients (contributors), this is to ensure the safety of the client. We will not recommend psychological support if it is not deemed appropriate for the client. Psychological support will only be recommended where it has been identified as appropriate and necessary for the client. Should contributors present with symptoms of mental illness at any point throughout the production process, they will be signposted to relevant services in their area for ongoing support.